Cobegge – Andenne


Construction of 155 apartments – Ensemble of 7 apartment blocks and a car park,  at Andenne

This project aims to construct six apartment blocks, scheduled over two stages.

The first stage consists of the construction of an underground car park with 67 places, of a retail leasing area of 1,550m² and two apartment blocks (ground floor+7 and ground floor+6) adding up to residential space of around 3,651m² and 55 apartments in total.

The second stage, whose works will commence during the second quarter of 2016, will provide 77 underground parking spaces and over 6,000m² of residential space divided over eight floors.

Built along the Meuse riverside, the car parks have been specifically designed to take into account the exceptional rises of the Meuse, whose uplift pressures have been incorporated in the dimensioning of both the floor slabs and the peripheral shear walls in contact with the soil.

The underground covers have been designed in such a way to enable the fire services to intervene in the event of a fire on the one hand, and the implementation of the external landscaping scheduled by the landscape architects on the other.

The vertical load bearing elements are manufactured from sand-lime blocks, whilst for the horizontal ones the flooring is made of concrete, the under surfaces being built using pre-slabs. These construction methods have enabled an optimisation of the floor space requirements of the load bearing elements whilst allowing the company to fully manage both its completion times and its construction costs.




Bureau d’architecture a.p.s.


Thomas & Piron


10,350,775 €

Stage 1 end of works in May 2015

Stage 2 end of structural works in March 2018

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