Dreve Prévert – Mons

Construction of 160 apartments

The project consists of the construction of several apartment buildings of four floors. For the superstructure a decision was made to use reinforced concrete slabs with a thickness of 18cm leaning on masonry walls designed to ensure an acoustic comfort, whilst also providing the required mechanical properties at the same time.

The flooring on the ground floor is made of slabs leaning on beams and columns in order to enable a streamlined organisation of the car park.

The first stage comprises 58 apartments. The second comprises 52 apartments. The third stage comprises 50 apartments.


Seidys SA


Bureau Dore


Koeckelberg and Dherte


32,000,000 €

Stage 1 end of works in 2011

Stage 2 end of works in 2015

Stage 3 end of works in 2017

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