Guimard – Brussels

Renovation of an administrative building, rue Guimard 10, Brussels.

The major objective of the owner is to upgrade the building in a way it will be in conformity with the actual standards for the rental of offices.

The building includes 9 storeys of which one is a technical floor at the roof level, 3 underground levels for parking, technical areas, archives and so on.

The first to the eighth floor are office areas which can be rented independently one of the other.

The technical floor at the top of the building includes the boiler and the generator rooms.

The major structural works are:

  • Repairs of concrete elements where necessary and the reinforcement of slabs using glued carbon fibre strips;
  • Reinforcements of the columns at the ground floor;
  • Adaptation of the structure and opening of slabs, creating a large entrance hall with a height of two levels.




LD2 Architecture


10 095 700 €

End of works: 2015

15.400 m²


poly-tech engineering mentions légales