Hôtel de la Plage – Jambes

Renovation of the hotel and the construction of an apartment building.

The project consists of the renovation of the hotel (2000 m²), situated at the Quai de Meuse and the construction of an apartment building (2850m²) with a parking at the Rue Mazy.

The apartment building is of 4 storeys and one underground level. The structure is mainly of load bearing masonry, concrete columns and beams and concrete slabs cast on concrete panel-decks. The foundations are isolated footings linked to the slab on grade in order to avoid water infiltrations.

In the existing building of the hotel, all of the slabs have been replaced and extended at the backside

The two buildings are linked by the underground level where the parking and the cellars is located. The roof of the underground carries a garden and calculated for the access of fire trucks.


Immo Max


Atelier de l’Arbre d’Or




3 600 000 €

End of works: 2015


poly-tech engineering mentions légales