Ifapme Greenwal – Gembloux

Construction of a sustainable construction training centre containing administrative offices, teaching rooms, a lecture theatre with 200 seats, a demonstration area, various workshops

This project, erected on the same level as the carboniferous limestone subsoil, required numerous geotechnical investigations (penetration tests, soil resistivity measurements and geological logging), due in particular to the heterogeneity of the mechanical properties and the risks of the presence of karstic cavities.

The passive building, founded on piles, comprises a lecture theatre (230m²), office spaces (+-800m²), training workshops (615m²) and a large workshop (736m²) in which a model house can be built.

The offices as well as the training workshops have a beam and column framework with pre-stressed slabs, where the largest pre-stressed beam covers a range of over twenty-five metres.

The lecture theatre, with a width of nine metres thirty centimetres, has been built using pre-stressed slabs which enable continuous ventilation of the room through the steps, under the seats.

The large lobby has a framework of glue-laminated beams, with concrete columns and wood cribbing.

Moreover, one of the building’s special features is that it has, on the roof, a water storage buffer volume during ten-yearly rainfalls.




R2D2 Architecture


Strabag –  Lixon


5 000 000 €

End of works: 2016


5.205 m²

poly-tech engineering mentions légales