Van der Valk Hotel – Arlon

Construction of a hotel of 120 rooms

The hotel is composed of a socle which includes the underground level, the ground and the first floors, and a tower of additional 11 storeys containing the rooms.

The socle comprises the lobby, the restaurant, halls for events, meetings and conferences, in addition to storages and some technical areas.

The foundations of the buildings lay on a layer of schiste at a depth of 3 till 4 meter. While in the underground area the footings are directly under the floor, piers have been used out of this area to transfer the loads from the footings to the schist layer.

One of the particularities of the building is the cantilevered rooms on the third floor. The four rooms at the edges of the corridor which are additional with respect to the other storeys create a cantilever of 8.4 m.

Few solutions have been considered and compared in order to find the one which is the most economic, allowing the contractor to assemble à big part of the structure on the ground before lifting it and attaching it to the main structure, and hence avoiding complicated and costly scaffoldings

 The transfer from the layout of the structure of the socle to the one of the room’s area required a special attention.

The walls between the rooms are load bearing ones. These walls start on the third floor where they are used as deep beams between the façade columns and the central corridor. The walls of the corridor act as deep beams as well, perpendicularly to the walls between the rooms, having their supports on the columns of the socle.


Van der Valk


SL+ Architectes


Cit Blaton


14 000 000 €

Cost of the structural works

3 000 000 €

On-going works


10.500 m²



poly-tech engineering mentions légales