WATER PARK – Marcinelle

Renovation of the outdoor swimming pool.

The project consisted of the renovation of the swimming pool and surrounding pool-deck of the Marcinelle Water Park.

In particular:

  • The renovation of the swimming pools and the creation of play areas (dimensioning of the large water slide’s metal structure and its foundations, etc.);
  • The renovation of beaches and access points (beach paving stones made of prefabricated architectural concrete tinted with colours, analysis of bearings, site access ramp, shear wall to divert the river, etc.)
  • Renovation regarding the stability of the structures (swimming pool retaining walls, shear walls and paving stones for the diving pool, etc.)
  • Renovation of the technical piping systems aside from the technical equipment premises;
  • Site lighting and safety.


Régie Communale Autonome de Charleroi


Réservoir A


A.M. Thiran – Ronveaux


2,493,266,28 €

End of works: 2014

Surface aerea of the pools: 1,600 m²

Surface area of the beaches: 2,500 m²

poly-tech engineering mentions légales