Prison – Leuze

The scope of work of this project includes the design, calculations, drawings and the construction monitoring of 8 buildings presenting very different structures and types of foundations.

The structural concept of each building was adapted to the specific program, the security standards and taken into account the optimisation of the construction budget and construction time.

The structure consists essentially of semi-prefabricated reinforced concrete.

Precast concrete elements are used for long spans and for the roof of the “Panoptique”, a steel-concrete composite structure has been used. The roofs of the wings are made of glued laminated timber trusses.

The foundation system of buildings vary according to the geotechnical context and the slope of the natural ground surface.

Hence, a part of the building is placed on fill while for the other part an excavation has been required and while certain structures uses deep foundations, others are based on rafts or isolated footings.

Expansion joints are placed between the different buildings allowing expansion due to temperature variations.


Regie des Bâtiments


Storimans – Wijffels
DDS &Partners


Cordeel  – Willemen


€63.000.000 VAT

End of works: 2014


28.500 m²




poly-tech engineering mentions légales