Mons Train Station

Concrete and infrastructure works at the new train station of Mons.

The new train station of Mons consists of a bridge crossing the railways which constitute the spine of the station and from which stairs and escalators lead to the platforms. At the north and the south edges of the spine, large stairs and sets of escalators give access to the station and a link the centre of the city to the commercial area of Grands Prés.

The structure of these stairs is used as the lateral system of the bridge.

Two underground parking for 860 cars are located at each side of the station.

Our scope of work includes the foundations (piles and micro piles), the underground parkings the stairs and other reinforced concrete, or prestressed concrete elements.

A large amount of the structural elements has been prefabricated. This includes the architectural frames and the grooved walls in the parking as welle as many other elements. The constructive joints have been thoroughly examined and tested on mock-ups.



SCNB Holding/Infrabel/SRWT


Santiago Calatrava LLC


Dherte, Louis De Waele


€155,000,000 VAT

Cost of structural works

€40,000,000 (for the infrastructure)

Works in progress


53,000 m²

poly-tech engineering mentions légales