Cours of Justice – Mons

Construction of a new court of justice and an underground parking

The construction of the new building is on the old site of the exhibitions centre. The underground parking is of 2 levels for 300 cars.

A public lobby at the ground floor is an atrium where the courtrooms and the offices are at each side of it on 3 or 4 storeys. The technical areas, the archives and the parking are located in the two underground levels.

The main issue in terms of structure has been the change in grid between the different levels. In particular the offset of the columns at the first underground level with respect to the other floors, required large transfer beams and corbels.

The building of the assize court has a cylindrical form with a conic roof supported by a steel structure.

The foundation is a raft. The peripheral walls of the underground are slurry walls executed using temporary soil anchors.

Two existing buildings have been conserved and integrated in the project.


Régie des Bâtiments (Mons)


Bureau Aura


Galere, Dherte, Cit Blaton


50 000 000 €

End of works: 2008


54.500 m²

poly-tech engineering mentions légales